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APF message: The only real alternative is a socialist one


LALIT has had consistent links with the Anti Privatisation Forum (APF) of South Africa over many years. APF delegates, including Dale McKinley came to Mauritius, in person, to participate in the Anti-Bush Platform actions initiated by LALIT in 2003 when President Bush was to come to Mauritius for the AGOA forum. Dale McKinley of the APF keeps us up to date with the political situation in South Africa, and news of APF action. The APF has consistently sent solidarity messages to LALIT for all major events and actions.


Revolutionary internationalist greetings from your South African comrades in celebration of Labour Day 2011. This Labour Day is especially significant because it comes at a time when working class people in many different countries - especially in North Africa and the Middle East - are rising up in active resistance to long-standing capitalist-authoritarian regimes and waging militant struggles for alternative societies that truly reflect the will and aspirations of the people. These resistances and struggles are but the latest examples of the global working classes ongoing response to the spreading and deepening crisis of capitalism (in whatever form and under whatever name). More than ever, the time is now for revolutionary organisations and working class militants across the world to not only be in active solidarity with these struggles but to spread the message - in word and deed - that the only real alternative is a socialist one. The answer is not simply new national leaders or a few more 'freedoms' and services but an entirely new society based on human dignity, equality and justice through the collective ownership and management of our human and natural resources. That is our struggle comrades, that is our future!