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Extra Parliamentary Question: Rocks for Diego Garcia


Will the Honourable Prime Minister give the House details on the shiploads of rocks that have left the Port Louis Harbour in ships in March and in April, 2011, in particular:

a) The names of the ships transporting rocks from Mauritius?
b) The number of lorry-loads of rocks (Would he confirm if an estimation of 40 lorry-loads would be reasonable? Would he confirm if an estimation of 7,000 tons would be reasonable?)
c) Would he state which rock-company is selling these rocks? And state if the Government has any control over this exportation?
d) Would he state if the destination is Agalega, where there are works, or Diego Garcia, where the US is expanding its military and nuclear facilities?
e) If the destination is Agalega, could the Mauritian Government state the precise nature of the development there?
f) If the destination is Diego Garcia, could the Mauritian Government state why it and the Mauritian private sector are contributing to the expansion of the military machinery of a power illegally occupying Mauritian territory? Could he also state why the Mauritian Government and the private sector are contributing to military invasions and occupations against countries with which we are not at war? Could he also state if the Mauritian Government is knowingly violating the Pelindaba Treaty on a Nuclear Arms Free Africa?

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