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Courses for young people for 2004


L E D I K A S Y O N P U T R A V A Y E R is calling for applications from young people wanted to follow courses in 2004. The day to go to the LPT Mother Earth Hall is Saturday 24th January, to apply.

LPT has announced that General Paper students and young people preparing A-level English are invited to enroll for 25-half-day sessions of Knowledge for Youth and Youth for Change.

Admission plus Introductory Session (to give you a taste of the sessions) is on
Saturday, 24th January, 2004 at 9.00 a.m. (Admission and Introductory Session will be over at noon.)

Mother Earth Hall, LPT Building, GRNW (near bridge), Port Louis. (As you are leaving Port Louis, it is opposite the fortified hillock before the branch to the Pailles Road, third building before the GRNW Bridge, falling between National Car Centre and Assembly of God.)

The 25 sessions will be every Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon. Rs 100 per month (Rs 50 per month for Members) plus equivalent of one hour per week voluntary work for LPT.

Content will include the following subjects:
Human Language, and the importance of the Mother Tongue in Education.
Demilitarization, the forcible removal of the people of Diego Garcia, and the need to close down the base there.
Women's rights and women's liberation.
Ecology and the environment.
Systems of religious belief.
War and the anti-war movement.
Anti-communalism, and anti-racism.
The land question in Mauritius.
The importance of literacy.
What is present-day globalization?
Indian Ocean Peace Zone and the Pelindaba Treaty.

Issues as they come into the news (national and international)

New methods, participatory and dynamic, will be used throughout.