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New course in General Paper for HSC students


LALIT has pleasure in publishing a letter we received from LPT concerning their new courses for General Paper, starting this Saturday, 15 January.

Dear Friends,

As 2011 begins, we are pleased to be able to send details of the new course for HSC students in General Paper. As you may know, the General Paper examination that Cambridge sets attempts to test the general level of competence in high level thinking, that is to say, in reasoning right through an argument, in analysing the logic in a statement, in interlinking points, in giving different perspectives to a subject, and in the precision of a student’s linguistic expression. However, the school system has spent 11 years teaching students to rely uniquely on rote learning, i.e not thinking. This means the level of results at GP exams in Mauritius is very low. LPT’s course thus has two aims: The first one, from the students’ point of view, is perhaps to do well in the examination. But education is much more than doing well at a mere examination. It is ideally the awakening of children’s intellect, a training for them in how to think, a nurturing of their creative instinct, and a collective experience with their peers. So this is the second, and most important element of the LPT course. Then there is a link between the two: LPT’s course helps young people to put structure into the knowledge that they already have, thus multiplying their potential.

Many young people who have just finished their SC, do not know about the LPT lessons for General Paper. We ask you please to let them know. Consider it a New Year’s present!

General Paper
Admission: New recruits are invited for the General Paper course on Saturday, 15 January 2011 at 10:30 am at the LPT Mother Earth Hall, GRNW, Port Louis. Then, on following Saturday mornings 10:30 to 12:00 midday. First come, first served.
Modern pedagogy, including multi-media, with active student participation. Dynamic methods that help cognitive development and help young people gain confidence in their ability to think out their ideas. The sessions make learning a real pleasure.
The LPT General Paper course is the best in the country. And fees are low.
Rs100 a month in advance. Rs6 entrance fee. The funds go towards handouts, and subsidizing adult literacy courses. The GP Course starts mid-January and continues until mid-December, but there are no fees for the two sessions in January, or for the two sessions in December. Rs1,000 for the whole year.
The course co-ordinators include experienced teacher and writer, Lindsey Collen & other teachers with experience at international schools. Topics covered include:

-What causes communalism and racism? How to decrease it.
-Social surveys, including interviews and fieldwork. Social statistics.
-History of life on the planet and of humankind: introduction.
-Mauritian History made interesting; visits to historical sites.
-An alternative to the present Mauritian economy?
-Women’s emancipation in Mauritius.
-Social class and social change.
-The role of the Mother Tongue.
-What is education?
-Social mobility, or equality? What’s wrong with meritocracy?
-Ecology and society: a dynamic view.
-Militarism and war.
-Abstract thinking: how to be logical.
-Intro to great thinkers: Darwin, Marx, Freud, Einstein.
-The role of art in society? Visits to art exhibitions. Introduction to libraries, film, music & other events outside of lessons.
-How do you argue a point in writing? How to you do research? In archives? On the internet?
-How do you analyse data rationally?
& many more.
Including subjects proposed by students.

New approach to essays, comprehension, data analyses.

Best wishes for 2011 from all of us at LPT,
Alain Ah-Vee

Winner UNESCO World Prize for Literacy 2004

If you wish for more details on any of these courses please feel free to contact us.

208 2132 208 5551 153 Main Road, GRNW, Port Louis.
(Do feel free to invite other students just finished SC!)