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Muvman Liberasyon Fam holds meeting on Diego Garcia


On Thursday, 18th December, 30 women attended a meeting to discuss support that the MLF can give to the new actions to close down the military base on Diego Garcia. In particular, the women will be mobilizing women's support for the action of going to Diego Garcia together with Chagossians who want to go home, and with the help of people who have manned ships like the Rainbow Warrior for such actions.

In the meeting presided by Sadna Jumnoodoo, Rajni Lallah spoke of the importance of the Diego Garcia military base as a place where many struggles intersect. The terrible uprooting of all the inhabitants remains as a wrong that has to be righted. Then Ragini Kistnasamy explained the planned action to go to Diego Garcia physically and to confront the British BIOT police, and also to confront the US Armed Forces. She also explained that one of our members, Lindsey Collen, will be at the World Social Forum in Mumbai, with her colleagues from LALIT and the Chagos Refugees' Group, in order to participate in the No US Bases meetings and in the General Assembly of the Global Anti-War Movement. Veena Dholah then spoke of the 25 year history, full of stories, about the women's role in fighting the US military Base. Lindsey Collen then gave an up-date on the telephone call conference that she had been in (during the meeting, so that members could listen in too). Members said they will be delighted to support the planned actions.