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Your visit is one of more than 400 000 this year


LALIT’s website yesterday reached the 400,000 visitor mark in one year. This means more than a thousand a day. This is a steep increase from last year when we had 264,325 visits. You will notice that the progress is constant. This is despite having suffered a number of hacking incidents in 2008 and 2009. You will notice that we are busy re-doing our site right now.

YEAR Number of Hits
2002 242
2003 17,161
2004 64,157
2005 103,801
2006 110,000 (estimation; real figure of 275,183 included a few freak days)
2007 111,569
2008 147,395
2009 264,325
2010 400,000 (to 27 December)

Please feel free to send us your comments, suggestions, and to express interest in joining up to LALIT.