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Lalit member in Anti-Bush demo in Jhb


With George W. Bush due to arrive in South Africa on Tuesday, 8th July, demonstrations are already planned for Saturday 5th July in Johannesburg and Durban. LALIT member, Ram Seegobin will be attending the Johannesburg demonstration. On Sunday there will be a demonstration in Cape Town and on Tuesday one in Pretoria.

The early anti-Bush demonstrations aim to get Bush “dis-invited”. The anti-war movement in South Africa is now criticizing the South African government and the ANC for inviting Bush at all. Many criticize the invitation coming on the heels of the US trade punishment being meted out against South Africa for the ANC Government’s correct refusal to sign up to a treaty not to extradite US war criminals who may in the future be wanted for trial by the new International Criminal Court.

LALIT member Ram Seegobin, who is in South Africa to give talks on social and political issues, will be attending some of the demonstrations. He and three other LALIT members and two Mauritian trade union activists have participated, alongside South African activists, in distributing leaflets in SOWETO, inviting people to the demonstration in Johannesburg.