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Solidarity from Peace Link Hiroshima-Kure-Iwakuni


Hiroshima is the city destructed by an atomic bomb for the first time in our history. This experience led the city to call itself a "Peace City." It is now, however, surrounded by large military facilities such as a US Marine Corps air station in Iwakuni and a naval base of Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces in Kure.
This is a solidarity message from Peace Link Hiroshima-Kure-Iwakuni. We have tried to let citizens know the "Peace City" has actually had much to do with war, and to construct a true peace city that deserves its name.
The US is repeating war all over the world, which we don't believe is an answer to any question. It has merely taken too many lives of people. We demand that the military base in Diego Garcia be closed and returned to Chagossians and that colonial rule be ended. Let's work together to abolish foreign (especially American) military bases.

Peace Link Hiroshima-Kure-Iwakuni