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Message from Japanese No War - Peace White Ribbon Kanagawa


We are a citizen's group against war and military bases. The endless "war on terror" led by the US has dragged the world into it. Many countries are dotted with US bases, which serve as a springboard of war. The US forces have kept on stationing in Japan for as long as 65 years after the World War II. Okinawa and Yokosuka are one of the springboards of US-led war in which many people are killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Military bases are categorically opposite to peace. We desire to get rid of them. It is necessary to collaborate with people working in other places of the world to resist the US hegemony. We believe solidarity will boost our energy. Our struggle is also to reclaim the right to self-governance. We hope the International Conference for Action will be successful.

No War -- Peace White Ribbon Kanagawa