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Message of Support from Tachikawa, Japan


We support LALIT's demand that the occupation of Chagos Islands be ended and Chagossians be given the right to return. The US is ruling the world by establishing a network of military bases and mobilising other governments for an endless "war on terror." In Japan, farmers have been robbed of their land to make room for new military bases, and people who live near the bases have suffered from the risk of accident and heavy noise. We are residents of Tachikawa, Tokyo, where people successfully launched a city-wide struggle against the expansion of a US military base in the 1950s. To our regret, the site is now utilised by the Japanese army. But our struggle to fight against it is unstoppable. We can win a victory unless we give up. Even a British court gave a ruling that the expulsion of Chagossians was illegal. Let's keep on struggling together.

Tachikawa Tent-mura Monitoring Military Base