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People of Vicenza, Italy, where there is US base in support


Ai membri del LALIT, alle donne ed agli uomini Chagossians deportati dalla To the members of LALIT, to the women and men of Chagos Islands deported from their land, to everyone attending to the International Conference for Action to Close the Diego Garcia Military Base, October 30th - November 2nd 2010.

Dear all,

many citizens of Vicenza (Italy) have had the opportunity to know, at least in part, about the terrible tragedy suffered for decades by the Chagossians because of the military base in Diego Garcia.

In September 2009, during the "No Dal Molin Festival", we had the honor and pleasure to host in Vicenza:
Mrs Marie Sabrina Jean, Chairwoman of the Chagos Refugees Group in UK , and
Mr David Vine, author of the book "Island of Shame - The Secret History of the US Military Base on Diego Garcia".

On that occasion we understood from Sabrina's voice the story of the pain suffered in the past and even today by thousands of Chagossians.
We heard about the sufferings of a population that cannot step onto his own land because of the military imperialism wanting to keep under control the whole world.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of communities suffering for this same problem, on every continent.

The population of Vicenza, victim of the imposition of a second US military base on his territory, feel strongly close to the Chagossian brothers and sisters and to all the participants of this conference.

Vital and basic elements like air, water and land were taken away from the people of Vicenza to give space to the US military. Just like in Diego Garcia, Okinawa, Guam, Jeju Island and many other places.

Even in Vicenza, the Italian and US Governments decided in secret, ignoring all opposition to the project of this new base by the greatest majority of population.
The Italian Government has been acting, and still acts, as a servant of the US Government for economic interests and theoretical political benefits.

Resources like water, air and land don't have a price.
Every country, every community has the right and responsibility to defend and protect them, for today and for future generations.

It's important for all communities in struggle and in suffering to be connected with each other, to support each other, to make their own story known.
Knowledge is the main enemy of Governors and the main aid to populations.

We are with you,
for the closing of the military base in Diego Garcia,
for the return of the Chagossians to their own Islands,
for the respect of the vital resources,
for the closing of all the US military bases in the world.

In solidarity and friendship,

the women and the men of the No Dal Molin Movement in Vicenza, Italy.

Vicenza, October 27th, 2010