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Solidarity Message from Maputo


Dear Alain Ahvee,

Thru the Mauritian High Commition in Maputo , Mozambique , i got informed about the Conference happening this saturday 30th of October about Archipelag Diego Garcia detachment from Mauritius in 1965.

As i'm awared of this kind of geo-politics happenings, we got interested in somehow, support the flow of information and the strugle you are envolved in.

Together Mr. High Commitioner, Alain Laridon, we are creating a concientization group on the issue and building a solidarity movement in Maputo .

We hope you have good sucess in your Conference, and that it can aware the region and the world about such situation.

Best regards,

Miguel Soares Prista
Departamento de Comunicação e Imagem
Coordenação DOCKANEMA . FLCS

Faculdade de Letras e Ciências Sociais
Universidade Eduardo Mondlane