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Message from Antiwar Working Group of Solidarity, USA


As dedicated antiwar activists in the USA we salute your 'International Conference for Action to Close the Diego Garcia Military Base'--taking place October 30 - November 2nd in Port Louis, Mauritius. The antiwar movement in our country has long stood for the elimination of all US military bases abroad and the return of US troops stationed in foreign territories. As dedicated anti-imperialists, we in Solidarity also believe in the right to self determination of peoples who are oppressed/displaced by imperialism everywhere on the planet.

The criminal wars waged by recent US administrations in both Iraq and Afghanistan only underline the fact that military activities of a kind facilitated by the Diego Garcia base play no role whatsoever in protecting peace or security--either in those countries which the US invades or here in the USA itself. US military intervention abroad is about nothing except protecting the profits of US corporations and making the world safe for imperial exploitation.

Thank you for holding this conference and we look forward to a report on its result.

Steve Bloom
Signed: Antiwar Working Group of Solidarity--a socialist, feminist, antiracist organization in the USA.