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New Acquisitions in LALIT documentation center


LALIT has had two kinds of new acquisitions in its Documentation Centre in the past week.

Canadian Academic, who visisted Mauritius as visitor of the trade union movement twice in the 1990's, Michel Chossudovsky has published a new book "War and Globalization: The Truth Behind September 11". It is a well-argued and all-out attack against the "war on terror", exposing it as the mediatic veneer for a cruel new colonization of the world, and as a pretext for wars of conquest and for imposing the repression that this new colonization will rely upon for its enforcement, world-wide.

The argumentation as to Washington's historical, continued and on-going support for terrorism is very detailed, and exposes the way in which the U.S. and other main media quickly glosses over all the proof of the U.S.'s own involvement in the terrorism networks it is purporting to be at war with.

The book includes wonderful quotations from other academics as to the nature of anti-terrorist legislation, especially in Canada.

We would like to quote from Constance Fogal, who Chossudovsky quotes: "The 'Anti-Terrorism' laws' do far more than eliminate civil liberties. They eliminte justice. They return to an inquisitorial system of arbitrarary arrest and detention. Summarized police allegations replace evidence. The concept of evidence is gone. Accusation equals guilt. The concept of innocent until proven guilty is gone." And "The two essential pillars of criminal law to establish guilt: MENS REA (intention to do a crime) and ACTUS REUS (the fact of doing the crime), are gone."

Michel Chossudovky's book is published by Global Outlook, 2002.
The other acquisitions to the Documentation Centre are from a parcel of books (on politics and history) given by the widow of a late militant.