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Solidarity message from writer and film-maker John Pilger


"Justice for the people of the Chagos is one of those rare issues about which there are no 'ifs' and 'buts'. Never in my lifetime have the rights and demands of people been clearer. And the people of the Chagos and their supporters are remarkable. They have fought back tenaciously and courageously, and they will win -- I have no doubt about that.
Yes, sometimes it seems the world never changes, that great power is invincible; but the world is always changing and the great power that denies justice to the Chagossians and despoils their homeland is rotten at the heart.
It is time for all freedom-loving peoples to stand up for the return of the Chagos -- Mauritians, British, Americans. A victory for the Chagos will be a victory for every one of us."

best as ever