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Message of Support from US Peace Council



October 1, 2010
To the LALIT International Conference
Port Louis, Mauritius
Dear Friends:
We greet you, in solidarity, as you come together to broadcast to the world the continued
determination of the Chagossian people, as Mauritian citizens, to return to their homeland.
We applaud your struggle, an inspring lesson to the international movement for global peace and justice, for end to the illegal occupation of the Chaigos Islands, for closure of the Diego Garcia Military Base, an outpost of US imperialism and for national independence and sovereignty.
It is at this time of deep global economic crisis that imperialism reveals its weakness. Wars, conflicts and the militarization of the economies are taking their toll on the people with poverty, unemployment, hunger, disease affecting us everywhere. 44 million people in the United States live in poverty. That does not include the children. Yet, the US spends US 1 Trillion Dollars this year on war and the military. Our struggle for jobs, for food, clothing and shelter must include your struggle to close the US base at Diego Garcia. It is one struggle, yours and ours; two sides of the same coin: the struggle against US and British imperialism.
We recognize that we have the responsibility to bring your struggle to the American people. The Mauritian people are victims, just as the people here, of US policies of aggression.
We salute you, Brothers and Sisters, as you gather together in conference.
Yours in Peace,
Alfred L. Marder
US Peace Council