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Socialist Worker New Zealand supports LALIT's Conference


Kia ora comrades,

Socialist Worker - New Zealand is pleased and proud to support this conference to close the Diego Garcia Military Base and allow the Chagossian people to return to their homes.

Imperialism means that the interests of big countries and big business ride roughshod over the very lives of ordinary people all over the world. What happened to the people of Diego Garcia is only one of a long litany of dispossessions of indigenous and working people of their land, livelihood and property. In Aotearoa/New Zealand, the Maori people's land and taonga (treasures) have also been subject to rapatu (confiscation).

Socialist Worker - New Zealand wishes the very best of luck to Lalit Mauritius, to all the delegates to this conference, and to the Chagossian people.

Kia kaha,

Grant Morgan

International secretary
Socialist Worker - New Zealand