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LALIT amongst initiators of Mumbai meeting of NO U.S. Bases



LALIT wishes to announce publicly that we have recently become co-initiators of a world-wide meeting of the "No U.S. Bases" network. This meeting which we have jointly called is to be held in January in India. All planning of the meeting so far has been through e-mail and tele-conferences in which LALIT has participated.

In the context of the World Social Forum, which is to be held from 16th to 21st January 2004 in Mumbai, LALIT together with some eight other organizations from different parts of the world, has called for a TWO DAY MEETING of all those organizations world-wide that are working to close down United States military bases. This will be the first such meeting ever.

There are 702 USA bases in the world, outside of the US borders.

Diego Garcia is one of the biggest of all.

With the increasing political isolation of the Bush-led USA militarism, the "No U.S. Bases" movement is growing in strength daily all over the world.

The initiative to co-ordinate the struggle to close military bases forms part of LALIT's quadruple campaign:

o To close the base on Diego Garcia
o To gather support for life-long compensation and full reparations for all the people of Chagos who were forcibly removed.
o To re-unite Mauritius.
o To work for the right of return of all Chagossians.

This campaign will then allow the shameful dotted lines (which permit nuclear weapons on our land) to be removed from the Pelindaba Treaty for a Nuclear-Weapons-Free Africa. It will also allow the "Indian Ocean Peace Zone" to once again be put on the world agenda.

Other organizations calling the meeting come from the Philippines, Greece, Brazil, South Africa, Italy, Thailand, Mexico. The meeting which was initially designed to be a small one, is rapicly become huge.

Lalit has already delegated four members to attend.

Dany Marie
For LALIT, 4 December, 2004