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Students in Lower Sixth invited to join LPT Course


Ledikasyon pu Travayer is continuing its General Paper sessions, in which students are introduced to group work, sessions on how to think logically and out of the box, and structures into which to understand the world around us in order to change it.
Some of the subjects being discussed are:
-History of humankind: introduction.
-Mauritian History made interesting: an introduction.
-Women's emancipation in Mauritius.
-What causes communalism?
-Social surveys, including interviews.
-The role of the Mother Tongue.
-What is the objective role of formal education in society? What is its importance to social change?
-Social mobility, or equality? What's wrong with meritocracy?
-Ecology and society: a dynamic view.
-Militarism and war.
-Abstract thinking: how to be logical.
-Intro to great thinkers of the past 150 years: Darwin, Marx, Freud, Einstein.
-The role of art in society?
-How do you argue a point in writing? How to you do research? In the archives? On the internet?
-How do you analyse data rationally? & many more subjects, including on request.
Last week there was a fascinating talk by a "visiting lecturer" from the Mahatma Gandhi Institute on Image and Society, looking not only at the visual arts, but more broadly at the role of the image in society as a whole.