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How to Write Kreol Properly


With the Labour-MSM Government now moving fast on the introduction of the Mauritian Kreol (Creole) language as an optional subject, Ledikasyon pu Travayer reports that the demand for their ongoing courses on "How to Write Kreol Properly" is suddenly growing fast. The present course, LPT informs LALIT, is no longer able to take in anyone new, but people can put their names down for the next series. The course is made up of eight sessions, as follows:
- Orthography/spelling: the outline. The dictionaries. The Anglo-phone v Francophone approach to spelling and other conventions. Grafi Larmoni.
-Language & writing: on human language. Intro to Prof. Derek Bickerton's work.
-Differences in type of language, including reference to different registers. Reading aloud. Silent reading. Dictation.
-On the work of Prof. Jim Cummins. Drafting in Kreol. Some tips. Helpful formulae.
-How teaching Mauritian Kreol does not "interfere" as alleged with learning French.
-Speed reading: whole phrase recognition.
-Creative writing: a workshop.
-Advanced spelling (rare sounds, newly imported words, advanced examples of nasalization), conventions on use of hyphenation, use of capitals, punctuation.
-A brief introduction to Grammar.
-Individual evaluation of reading and writing skills acquired