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There was a LALIT "Cuba Day", Sunday 28 August, where we all watched two films on Cuba at the GRNW Hall, and discussed them with two of our members who have recently visited Cuba, Yannick Jeanne and Kisna Kistnasamy.
One was the film on the Cuban Five, an excellent account of the nature of the State in the US, and how it is unable to provide a fair trial to people doing anti-terrorist work, because they were working for the Cuban Government. LALIT has decided to join the big international campaign for their release from US jails where they are being unjustly held.
The second film was a biography of Che Guevara, with incredible original film footage, of Che Guevara as a child, a young man, in the Cuban Revolution, at the UN, in Africa, in Algeria, and in Bolivia before his assassination at the hands of the CIA agents there. Discussion was animated, on the political issues involved and on the legacy of Che Guevara and how the CIA's aim to destroy him physically ended up contributing to the "saint-like" memory of him that has remained.