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Two LALIT members in Venezuela


The Youth Section of the PSUV, Hugo Chavez' party, is hosting a "revolutionary tour" of the country for visitors from Left parties, including two LALIT militants. In brief telephone conversations, our two members report learning about the most fantastic new developments in terms of ordinary working people taking control of their lives. They have visited food production units that are "auto-zere" as well as one of the oil refineries that has been nationalized. When they get back to Mauritius, they will hold a Report Back.

Meanwhile Tuesday night a group of people watched the film "Venezuela: The Revolution will not be Televized". The private showing was organized by Rose-Hill branch of LALIT, and held in Rose-Hill. The film was made by the top Franco-German TV team who were, by chance making a documentary on Hugo Chavez and his Government, when the right-wing CIA-backed coup started to take place. The film therefore turned out to be a "one and only", unbelievable film, that sees an elected Government that is challenging capitalism, at the very moment in time when the forces of counter-reaction take action against it. And it also shows how different classes of people then reacted. After the film in Rose-Hill, debate went on into the night.