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LALIT's Best Loser Book now On-Line


LALIT has pleasure in informing readers that the book "Against Communalism of the Best Loser System: A Bilingual Program" is now on line. (Click on "Documents" section on the left, or above.) This 232 page book, published in 2005, is now out-of-print. However, the subject of the replacement of the Communal Best Loser System in the context of electoral reform, is imperative, so you will be able to consult its texts on line. Here is an idea of the contents:

Rejecting Communal Classification and Categorization
A MAC document, drafted by Lindsey Collen, adopted by Lalit
Rezet Klasifikasyon e Kategorizasyon Kominal
Enn dokiman MAK, drafte par Lindsey Collen,
tradir par Ragini Kistnasamy, adopte par Lalit
Sistem Bestluzer: Kot li Sorti? Enn listorik par Ram Seegobin

The Best Loser System: A Communal Perversion of Democracy
A MAC document drafted by Jean Claude Bibi & Ragini Kistnasamy,
adopted by Lalit

Sistem Bestluzer: Enn Perversyon Kominal Demokrasi
Enn dokiman MAK drafte par Jean Claude Bibi ek Ragini Kistnasamy
tradir par Rajni Lallah, adopte par Lalit

Lezot Dokiman Lalit otur size klasifikasyon, Best luzer ek sistem elektoral
Deconstructing Community: A Lalit Document (2000)
Lalit's proposals for electoral reform & proportional representation
Lalit so Sart kont sistem bestluzer kominal (2005)
Lalit so Propozisyon pu enn Kod kondwit pu kandida, politisyin
ek azan dan kanpayn electoral (2005)
Musicians against communalism Charter
Sportspeople against communalism Charter
Trak Lalit kont sistem bestluzer kominal
Kanpayn "Pa pu dir" amene par Lalit kont klasifikasyon
lor baz relizyon pu resansiman
Extre depi dokiman Lalit/Lalit de Klas 1976-82
First Schedule to the Constitution (Best Loser System)
Supreme Court Judgment (Justice Seetulsingh) after Lalit was challenged
for drawing lots to avoid communal classification
Extracts on the Best Loser System from the Sachs Report