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Liberation of CEHL MEEAH a heavy defeat for new Prime Minister Bérenger


In response to a question from 5-Plus during LALIT's November 6th Press Conference, Lindsey Collen said that the release of Cehl Meeah, Hizbullah leader, without any charge being pressed after a three year detention was a sign of something shocking in the State. LALIT had all along called for his charge or release.

Lindsey Collen added that after Paul Bérenger's Television statement the same day as the Goorah Issac shoot-out for which Meeah was imprisoned for three years, blaming Cehl Meeah was finally shown up for what it was worth. She added that had the case gone ahead, Prime Minister Bérenger would have been called into the Witness Box to explain his television address, and also to explain the Rs 240,000 which he gave to one of those involved in the shoot-out, Toorab Bissesur.